Syfy Fridays Are Back!

Hi Internet People,

I’m so excited because Dark Matter and Killjoys are back for their second seasons on Syfy tonight! I might be at work while they are on, but I am totally watching them when I get home. I loved season one of both shows and have been anxiously waiting for the second seasons. I totally should have done rewatches of them both, I know there were some going on on Twitter, but I’ve worked so many nights recently that I’ve been out of the loop for stuff.

I don’t watch a lot of Syfy series, I do love Wynonna Earp and seriously Syfy I need you to get to renewing that asap, but when Dark Matter and Killjoys first showed up I thought they looked really interesting. For Dark Matter, beyond the cool premise that no one could remember who they were, the android in the series is played by Zoie Palmer. I loved her in Lost Girl as Lauren. Lost Girl was another show I watched on Syfy, but I totally got behind on it and wound up having to watch it on Netflix. I also haven’t watched the final season yet. I wasn’t over the Kenzi thing and I wasn’t sure I could handle watching more. I will, I swear!

Killjoys had the draw of interplanetary bounty hunters and seriously Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch is mind blowing. I love her so much in this show. She is just such an amazing character and her wardrobe is also super cool. The core trio of the series is just great to watch and the way Dutch, John, and D’Avin all interact is so great. They’ve gone through so much together in the first season already and I can’t even imagine what will happen in season two.

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Talk to ya tomorrow,



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