I’m So Very Sleepy

Hi Internet People,

I’ve had a few very longs days in a row, and while they have been fun, I am very tired. I didn’t realize how tired I was until yesterday while I was out with my family. It was my brother and sister’s birthday, they’re twins in case you were curious, and we all went to Cincinnati to see a baseball game and do a few other things. To get to the 1 pm game and watch the pregame ceremony where they retired Pete Rose’s number we had to leave our house around 8:30 am. As soon as we got on the road I fell asleep. I didn’t wake up at all until we got to Cincinnati. It was really hot, which was making me pretty tired. I don’t really handle being in the heat very well. Surprisingly the Reds were in the lead early on, normally when we go they lose, and during the 8th inning I started dozing off. I slept through most of the inning, but I did watch all of the 9th.

Then when we headed to dinner I fell asleep again and after dinner I fell asleep during the short drive to Ikea. After Ikea I fell asleep again, if I had sat down for an extended period of time at the store I totally would have fallen asleep there too, and woke up when we stopped at a McDonald’s before my brother’s baseball game. That was the other reason we were in Cincinnati. He is on a team that plays there on random Sundays. His game was super late and didn’t start until 8:45 so when we got to the game I was struggling to keep my eyes open. I made it through some of it, but totally fell asleep with my head on my knees during the 7th inning. They were losing so it wasn’t really an issue. I slept until the 9th inning and once the game was over I fell back asleep as we made our way home.

I did stay up a bit after we got home, I really needed to shower and wanted to watch Preacher before I hit the hay. I don’t work until about 4:30 today so I’m planning on sleeping in pretty late. I do need to do some stuff before work, but it’s fun stuff that has to do with something I got in the mail.

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Talk to ya tomorrow,



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