A Moment For Piper

Hi Internet People,

Okay, so I just have three episodes of the fourth season of Orange is the New Black left, if I didn’t have to work so much this weekend I’d be done by now, but oh well. I just needed a moment to talk a little bit about Piper this season. Now alright, I’m not a huge fan of Piper. Her plots are alright, but I like so many of the other characters in the series more than her. This season I just, oh goodness, she is making terrible decisions. Like even more terrible than normal decisions. There are a few spoilers here just as a warning in case you haven’t been watching the series.

She thought she was a thug because she created the panty empire, but even after all of the money got stolen she somehow thought her group would still do what she wanted them to do for free. The promise of money is totally not the same thing as real money. Then she tried to protect her failing business, she had like no one wearing panties and everyone else was pretty busy with their own pretty crazy stuff, went horribly. Her decision to make the carers was just awful. I mean it looked like it was going to be bad pretty early on because Piper was really using it to target the Dominicans affiliated with Maria. It was racially connected and then she was surprised when the crazies used that to start a terrifying hate group. Once it started she didn’t try and shut them down or report them, which she’s been known to do before, and it all just keeps getting worse.

I do feel bad that she got branded, seriously that looked terrible, but she really did go along with what her very scary new friends were doing for protection. Just not okay Piper, not okay. Even now that she’s out things are escalating to a full scale attack, which the guards are finally noticing, she is partially to blame for the uniting of the scary and crazy people. Oh and hey, someone found the surprise in the garden so that’s going to be great for everyone. That’s all for my Orange is the New Black ranting, I might have more to say when I finish the season, we shall see.

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Talk to ya tomorrow,



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