I Think I’m in a Post Orphan Black Fugue

Hi Internet People,

The fourth season of Orphan Black ended last night on BBC America and while finale episodes normally wear my out, especially for Orphan Black, we got extra news that added to the feels. Okay, so it was announced that the fifth season, which will air in 2017, will be the final season of the show. I am sad to know that the show will be ending, but I do think that the final season will be done remarkably well. I trust the writers and I know that they’ll give us something wonderful.

I also am curious if even though the show is ending if they will continue doing comics. I have read the first arc of the comics, but I haven’t been able to read any of Helsinki yet. I tried, but I couldn’t find all of the comics near me. I am immediately ordering it when it goes on sale as a collected graphic novel. I’m really excited to read this arc because it’s full of Mika stuff, which I vaguely knew from the other arc, but I want more.

After the finale I just keep freaking out about everything that happened. People are literally in states of death and we won’t know if they are going to make it until next year. I would very much like no one from Clone Club to die, just in case anyone in the writing room is taking requests from the peanut gallery. I am really worried about Cosima and Sarah, though Cophine is back together and I am hoping that Delphine will protect our adorable geek monkey.

I’m still processing everything, but I do have a theory. We don’t know who Westmoreland is so what if he is the reason Felix was put in the black. Maybe he’s one of Westmoreland’s kids. We’ve never actually met his dad and hey, Adele’s father could have faked his death. You never know in Orphan Black.

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Talk to ya tomorrow,



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