More Vampire Sex!

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I just finished reading Carmilla by J. Sheridan Le Fanu and as soon as I finished the book my first thought was “But where were the sexy times?” If you didn’t already know I am a huge fan of the web series Carmilla on KindaTV, which is going to have a third season soon. They are figuring out dates now so hopefully we get an official release date before the month is out, hey a girl can dream right. I have planned to read the book for over two years and finally bought a copy. It had been sitting around because, even though I love to read, I’ve just felt too tired to do a lot of it. The lovely ladies of Slutty Book Club did a video all about Carmilla and after watching it I thought okay, seriously just read the book already.

My copy is only about 120 pages, it has a few illustrations besides just being text, and I finished it in two sittings. I read a huge hunk before work on Monday and finished it up on Tuesday while waiting around before an appointment. It is definitely a quick read, but after watching Slutty Book Club’s Little Known Facts About Carmilla video I learned that Le Fanu didn’t actually think lesbians were real. This would totally explain why Carmilla and her “lovers” never actually do anything except hang out. He writes that the women seem to have fallen for each other and their deep connection, but the love there is much more sororal. That’s a real word I swear, it’s the female equivalent of fraternal, I even looked it up specifically for this post.

What made me chuckle is that apparently Carmilla’s real name is Mircalla, which sounds exceptionally made up. I’m sorry if your name is Mircalla, but I really feel like Le Fanu just thought it was funny. He even says that Carmilla/Mircalla had to use a variation of her name and not a completely made up one for some reason, he doesn’t exactly explain what it is. I did enjoy the book, but I expected a bit more to happen between Carmilla and Laura. Neither character is really developed in the text, Carmilla is written in a way that she can’t be. She is sworn to secrecy and her mother also refuses to reveal anything about her or her daughter. Still it’s an enjoyable read, even if there isn’t any vampire sex. If you like vampires you should check out this story and you definitely need to read it if you like Carmilla. Even if you haven’t read it you should watch the web series Carmilla and all of the videos by Slutty Book Club.

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