Okay, Seriously Life Is Nuts

Hi Internet People,

Have I angered some ancient being, like is Cthulhu mad at me? Like seriously one good thing happens and then suddenly my entire world goes to crap. So first let me say I was super excited this week because I found out that I won a signed script from Houdini and Doyle. Seriously super amazing news! But then I got my schedule for next week and found out that I am closing on Monday night instead of opening, which means I’m going to miss Houdini and Doyle at East Coast time. I will watch it at West Coast time though. I will live tweet dang it! I’ll just have to live tweet Scream and then immediately watch Houdini and Doyle. Not ideal, but I will do it because I love both shows. I’m also planning on filming a Scream video that night so it’s going to be a very late time for me.

The schedule thing is totally doable, I’ve had to live tweet Houdini and Doyle late before, but things just got crazier. There are three magical mystery video stores where I live and one of them got robbed on Monday afternoon and this led me to ask a friend to come hangout with me for the rest of my shift. 40 minutes before I was supposed to leave and go celebrate my mom’s birthday I got a call from our closer’s mom who said her daughter wasn’t coming in to work alone because of the robbery. I understand, but seriously super last minute for me to cover the shift. I called all over the city and even to cities pretty far away to get someone to come in. I only had to stay an hour later than planned, but still stressful. Then I had an interview, which was fine, but I know I didn’t get the job. It’s okay, I’m holding out for another job that I really want.

On the day of the interview I didn’t have to go to work, but I got a ton of work calls. Our air conditioning unit almost blew up. Okay, I’m being a tiny bit dramatic, but it was frozen and an air conditioning tech just happened to notice our unit was messed up while checking a different store’s. We now don’t have air conditioning and it is in the 80s here and very humid. I had to work the next day and it was like being in a sauna. Not even sure that’s a legal work environment. Then the day got worse. We were super busy, but I had a ton of stuff to do so I was running around for my entire shift. Then 25 minutes before it was over we got robbed. Yep, robbed. A guy asked me to get him a movie and when I walked away he took the money out of the register and ran out. He got arrested, but I had to call the cops and spent an extra hour and half at the store because of it. Turns out my store makes the fourth store robbed in a week. Yeah, I had no idea. Would have been nice to know I should be on the alert.

Then yesterday I slept pretty much all day, then walked the dog. I was pumped because it was Orphan Black night and I’d get to live tweet it and After the Black, but yeah of course that didn’t happen. My mom’s phone was acting up and I was in charge of tech supporting. I spent a while on Verizon chat figuring out how to back it up and reset it, then we still had to take it to the store because it froze up. After that I went shopping with my sister, but it was kind of stressful because we knew my mom was freaking out about her phone. We got home around 9:30 and my mom needed me to fix her phone. I thought it wouldn’t be hard, but nope it took over an hour to attempt the restore. It didn’t work so I had to contact Verizon two more times and spent pretty much my entire evening with them. Finally got the phone fixed, but it seriously screwed up my entire evening. One good thing happens and seriously my whole life goes to crap. If I did make Cthulhu mad or another ancient being could you just tell me how to fix this problem? That’d be great.

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Talk to ya tomorrow,



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