Even More All For One Episodes!

Hi Internet People,

Inseparables we get even more All For One episodes today, woo! I’m super excited about the return of new episodes. We had the live event on Saturday, which was absolutely amazing and you can check out my full reaction right here, and now we have 9 more new episodes before the end of season one. Let’s ignore that just 9 episodes left part and focus on how amazing new episodes are going to be.

If you haven’t checked them out yet Cherrydale Productions has been posting behind the scenes videos full of amazing sneak peeks. We’ve been able to see the MST house and some of our actresses in some very interesting outfits. You see there’s a carnival, a paint fight, and swimsuits. Seriously you need to go check out the videos because the crew is so much fun to watch and they are just as excited about the show as you are.

After watching all of their videos I am very excited to see what is going to happen in Portia’s plan to save Anne and take down Miller. I’m curious to see if Douchefort will actual wind up befriending the musketeers. He did try to warn Dorothy about Miller and I feel like Portia will want to apologize to him for what they did. Maybe they’ll even try to help him get a job with the Union again, though hopefully without the infamous Rick the Dick around.

There’s also a really cool interview you should check out on the All For One HQ Tumblr with writers Sarah Shelson and RJ Lackie. You can also find awesome interviews with Claire Gagnon-King and Angie Lopez on the Starry Mag website.

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Talk to ya tomorrow,



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