I Had a Random Writing Thought

Hi Internet People,

Once upon a time I wanted to write a book, I vaguely started writing what I thought would be an epic novel full of drama, intrigue, and vampires. Okay, I was a freshman in high school and had been reading tons of vampire themed books ever since I was in sixth grade. The novel was written in spurts in a notebook with a murderous bunny on it from Hot Topic. While I still shop at Hot Topic, this notebook fell apart pretty quickly and the story never went beyond a couple scenes that never evolved into a real story.

Now sometimes I still get story ideas though I don’t think I’ll ever actually write a novel. With all the shows I’ve been watching that are focused on Hell and the devil I’ve been thinking about hell hounds. Now Lucifer doesn’t have them, but there are a few in Damien and even if you can’t always see them they pop up in Supernatural periodically. I started thinking that it would actually be kind of cool to read a story from the point of view of a hell hound.

You’d have to humanize the hound, they could have a human form or be able to communicate as a human. One version of a hell hound story that I thought up involved someone dying and being brought back to life through a deal with the devil or a demon, which has them living a life cursed to spend part of their time serving as a hell hound for the demon they made a deal with. I told you I’m not a writer so it isn’t fully fleshed out or anything. I just think it would be cool to have a story focused on someone that would typically be a side character.That’s just some random Tuesday rambling for you.

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Talk to ya tomorrow,



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