Do Something Nice Today

Hi Internet People,

I have had two very intense days at work in a row, well okay that’s not exactly true. I have had two fine days of work, but on each of those days I have had exceptionally aggressive customers who have made my days go from great to awful. It was literally one person on Friday and one person on Saturday, but these two events left me feeling like I needed to say something. I’m not going to go into detail except I will say that I was yelled at by two separate people over their video rental bills. I normally get at least one person a week that gets upset about the cost of something or the amount of late fees that they have, but getting two in two days isn’t normal.

I know I work in a service industry sort of position so people often see me as lesser than them because I work a cash register. I like my job and I enjoy the chances it gives me to focus on writing on this blog, writing for and growing The Nerdy Girl Express site, creating recipes inspired by my favorite shows, primarily iZombie, and creating videos for my kleffnotes YouTube channel. Working at #mysticalmagicalvideostore is something that lets me do other things that I really enjoy while being able to talk about movies and tv shows with people in person in my day to day life.

Now what I really wanted to say with this post was do something nice for someone or at least don’t be a jerk to random people today. Just try and do something small to make your little part of the world a better place for you and those around you. I hope you have an amazing day and that no one is a jerk to you.

I already mentioned some of the places you can find me, but I’m also on Twitter, @kleffnotes, and my iZombie recipes are posted on the iZombie Support Group site.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



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