All the Exciting Things!

Hi Internet People,

Alright so yesterday I thought would just be a normal day. I’d go to work, come home, tweet, you know the usual stuff, but oh my gosh so many things happened that were great and I really wanted to share. First off my Funko DC subscription box is coming very soon. I got an email a couple days ago, but I double checked and got really excited that it would be here sooner than I originally thought. That was a nice way to start off the day.

Then I went to work and got to leave early, which meant I got to go home and watch The Good Dinosaur, which I hadn’t had a chance to see. I also got to have Starbucks, which I rarely get because we don’t have an actual Starbucks, just two that are inside other locations. One’s in a hospital and the other is inside a college’s bookstore.

Then after relaxing with some fancy coffee I found out that KindaTV, and their fabulous host Natasha Negovanlis, as well as V Morgan is Dead had seen and retweeted my Fangirl Freakout video all about their shows, new and old, and their rebrand. I did a bit of additional fangirl freaking out, in the privacy of my living room, and then told everyone I knew that people were interested in my video. I honestly am just so happy that they liked the video and took the time to let me know. I really really appreciated the outreach and just wanted to thank them again.

I also got to have my favorite kind of pizza, go shopping, watch Room, and my brother took time out of his night to bring me dessert and a Diet Mountain Dew on his way home from seeing Daredevil. Then minutes ago I just got an email letting me know that my Nerdy Girl Express shirts have shipped, which means new shirts and being able to rep me and the great people I write with.

If you want to see more of me you can find me on Twitter, @kleffnotes, and on my kleffnotes YouTube channel. You can also find great things over on The Nerdy Girl Express. I also run their Snapchat, thenerdygirlexp.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



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