Mutant Metal Problems

Hi Internet People,

I’ve mentioned my mutant powers multiple times on here before and I have a quick mutant related story. If this is your first time here then you need to know, yes I am a mutant, but my power totally isn’t that cool. I oxidize metal super quickly, unless it’s really good quality. My dad is the source of my mutation, he oxidizes metal just as much as I do, and he insists it’s super cool. After I called it a lame power, he said if I’m ever captured and handcuffed I’ll eventually eat my way through the handcuffs and be able to escape, in like 2 years.

I have been buying hoops from Hot Topic, I shop there all the time and they have a lot of piercing stuff at my store. The hoops I bought though did not last like at all. They started to tarnish in about a week and I kept them in, even though I could tell that they were starting to get super structurally unsound. They were getting super loose, which meant I had eaten through more than one layer of metal by this point, and I decided to break down and go to the tattoo parlor and piercing place that my sister got her helix repierced at to get better earrings.

I went there yesterday around 6, but I wound up having to go back there at 8:15 because I was having no luck putting them in. My sister even tried to help me and the two of us were failing epically, she even tried to use needle nosed pliers to get the hoops closed and nope, no luck. I went back to the tattoo parlor and their piercer put in both hoops for me. He wound up having to use two different piercing tools, both of which looked like fancy pliers, to get my earrings in, and he had to get me a new ball for one of them because one rolled away. The hoops both have captive beads, which mean that they just use pressure to stay closed, it was really hard to get them to close without the piercing tools.

I won’t have to change the earrings for a while, which is really good for me because I am honestly just a lazy human being, and they won’t oxidize like the other ones did. I am thinking of going back to get my helix redone, I showed a bunch of pictures of it when I first talked about being a mutant.

If you want to see more of me and my mutant metal eating you can find me on Twitter, @kleffnoteson my YouTube channel, and on The Nerdy Girl Express. I’m also The Nerdy Girl Express Snapchatter, thenerdygirlexp.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



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