Jessica Jones and Chill

Hi Internet People,

Last night I live tweeted more of Jessica Jones with @quietlikeastorm and @drinking_zombie (AKA @_JonathanWhite_. He tweets this one from his not iZombie fan connected account). We watched episodes two and three, AKA Crush Syndrome and AKA It’s Called Whiskey. It was also National Drink Wine Day so I enjoyed some lovely discount red wine while live tweeting. Yes, I’m very classy so when I drink I keep it under ten dollars, unless it’s a special occasion and then I swing for something near 15.

I’ve mentioned Jessica Jones before because I’ve actually watched the first three episodes of the series before. Even though I’d watched them before there was one crucial thing that I somehow managed to miss, or maybe I blocked it from my mind I’m not sure which is the case. Okay, so in AKA Crush Syndrome Jessica gets super angry at her ridiculously loud neighbors, who are yelling all about Cordon Bleus and not washing your hands. Jessica tells the two of them to shut the heck up and we see that the guy is in his underwear, but still wearing socks and sandals. See, I have no idea what fetish that falls into, but it’s remarkably unattractive. Then the woman in the apartment comes to the door and Jessica goes off on her.

Now later in the episode the guy is talking to Jessica and reveals that he and the woman from the apartment are fraternal twins. Yes! They aren’t just siblings, they are freaking twins! I literally didn’t remember this big reveal from when I watched the episode the first time. So either the twins are making creepy noises that sound like sex that aren’t sex or they are involved in a very unhealthy relationship akin to something from Hemlock Grove. Okay, I totally stole that comparison from Jon, he hinted that what was going on in the apartment had happened in Hemlock Grove, which is another show the three of us live tweeted. If you haven’t seen Hemlock Grove it is amazing and is only three seasons and is a Netflix Original series. A lot of crazy things happen in it and I definitely hadn’t expected something from that series to also happen in Jessica Jones.

So the weird couple arguing about Cordon Bleus really shouldn’t be a couple because they are actually siblings. I’m oddly interested in seeing what happens with them in later episodes. I’m guessing they’ll at least be quieter since Jessica yelled at them, but beyond that I have no idea what to expect. I am really, really hoping that they just make strange noises and aren’t actually bumping familial uglies.

If you want to join in we’ll probably be live tweeting more Jessica Jones on Saturday around 9:30 pm. We’ll tweet out around the time we start. If you want to check out my tweets I’m @kleffnotes. You can also find me on my kleffnotes YouTube channel. I just uploaded a goofy video yesterday where I made a fool out of myself trying to do Batman impressions. I also write for The Nerdy Girl Express and I run their Snapchat, thenerdygirlexp.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



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