It’s Time for a Break

Hi Internet People,

It’s very late on Monday night, so technically it’s Tuesday morning. I have been working a lot the past week or so and I finally get a day off tomorrow, well okay today, but I haven’t gone to bed as I type this so my concept of days is a little off. I just finished live tweeting four episodes of Buffy and it was finally the night for Spike.

I was super excited to get to season two of Buffy because that is when Spike shows up. I mentioned how much I like him in a random rambling post a little while back, but I have been impatiently waiting his arrival since I started season two. I mean he doesn’t show up until episode three and then he isn’t in episode four or five. I wound up pushing to watch Halloween because it’s one of my favorite Buffy episodes, and Spike actually shows back up after two episodes away. Ethan Rayne is the actual villain in the episode and he is one character that I wish had shown up more.

I always wanted more Giles backstory. Anyone writing Ripper fanfic they want to share with me? Or maybe know who I can hint to that would be willing to write some or get Joss Whedon to create a comic book or actual book about young Giles. If it already exists someone please let me know because I will totally read it.

Besides Buffying tonight I was also live tweeting Lucifer, which if you aren’t watching you need to go check out. Fox uploads the episodes to their website so do yourself a favor and go watch them. The show is just amazing every week and the writing and acting is just marvelous.

I also did some food prep for tonight’s iZombie treat, though this time I’m making food that isn’t a dessert. I thought I’d step out of my comfort zone and see what I could do. I’ll be sharing pics tonight and the recipe/how to guide for what I’m making will go up here on Wednesday.

Now because it’s my day off tomorrow, okay today I know it’s not Monday anymore for normal sleepers, I am going to sleep for a very long time and then roll out of bed and lay on the couch for the rest of the day. I am going to watch Easy A around 4 with @quietlikeastorm so I can’t sleep forever, just for a great deal of forever.

If you want to check that out we’ll be on Twitter, you can find me @kleffnotes. I also have a YouTube channel and write for The Nerdy Girl Express. I’m also The Nerdy Girl Express Snapchatter, thenerdygirlexp.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



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