Happy Little Creampuffs

Hi Internet People,

Now I know I’ve mentioned Creampuffs on here before, and no I’m not talking about the delicious cream filled pastry. Though those do sound delicious right now. Note to self, add creampuffs to grocery list. Now the kind of Creampuffs I’m talking about are living breathing human beings, well unless they are a bit on the vampire side then they might not be doing much of the breathing, who love the web series Carmilla.

I found Carmilla a about halfway through the first season and after binging to catch up I then waited impatiently for new episodes to show up twice a week. There was a break, which felt like forever, but we got a season two, both of which you can find on the Vervegirl TV YouTube channel. When season two ended we received the amazing news that the sponsor of the show, U by Kotex, had created a prequel titled Carmilla Season Zero. Instead of Vervegirl TV, the U by Kotex YouTube channel would be our source for brand new Carmilla episodes.

Now fans were freaking out because we hadn’t heard if we were getting a third season. We creampuffs hoped we had done enough promoting, tweeting, Tumblring, and whatever else we thought would get people hooked on our series so we’d get a renewal. It gets very stressful waiting to hear if your shows have been renewed, still waiting for some news on tv shows by the way so if those networks want to drop some hints that would be nice. It felt like we would never know the fate of our beloved Carmilla, the show and the character, when suddenly news arrived.

On February 13th Vervegirl TV posted a new Carmilla video, Carmilla: The Cast Goes Speed Dating, now the video was super hilarious with the cast all answering random questions, eating lots of candy, and just being the perfect beings that they are, when suddenly Natasha Negovanlis, Carmilla herself, was asked what her perfect date would be. The next words out of her mouth, Carmilla Season Three and Chill! Yes!!!!! The third season is coming Summer of 2016!!! On a slightly sad note they did call it The Final Chapter, but we get one more season full of amazing actors, writing, and marvelous representation that you so rarely find anywhere else.

If you haven’t watched Carmilla yet you need to asap! The show is amazing and seriously you can watch both seasons and the prequel in a night.

Share all your Carmilla thoughts and feelings with me in the comments or on Twitter, @kleffnotes. I also have a YouTube channel and write for the always amazing The Nerdy Girl Express.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



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