Super Awkward Times At Work

Hi Internet People,

Today I have an exceptionally embarrassing story for you about something that happened at work. Here’s the setup, I showed up to work at 4 pm and was immediately ringing people up and running movies. It was snowing like crazy, which for some reason means that people flock to the video store. My shift was super random and I only worked until 8:30. With all the people and the running around by the end of my shift I was pretty tired. So at 8:29 when there were two couples in line I said I could take care of one of them.

The couple that came to my register was super dressed up, I’m guessing date night, and when I asked for the phone number for the account I managed to mess it up. I then asked for the woman’s last name and after typing it in I realized I am an idiot. The woman in super nice clothes and makeup was totally my doctor. Oh and not just any doctor, my lady doctor, which makes this extra awkward. I then proceeded to say Oh my gosh I do know you. I’m so sorry. Then because I was super embarrassed and nervous I started babbling about how a customer had come in and asked if I was related to her once.

Oh yeah, a woman came into the store about a month ago and while I was scanning her movies asked if I was related to Dr. *name redacted because of privacy things* and I said, nope, but she’s my doctor so yeah. Then this woman and I laughed because it’s really weird talking about your lady doctor with a random stranger unless you have somehow found yourself in a situation where random strangers are asking you who to see about their lady bits. This doesn’t happen, it’s not a thing, no one of any gender has ever asked me who’s a good lady doctor in my area for any reason ever.

Now back to the awkward events that happened just last night. After telling my doctor that story I turned the color of a tomato because I blush when I’m nervous, and I happened to be wearing a red shirt. Oh yeah, I bet I looked the picture of put together. I just kept apologizing and said that I didn’t recognize her because it was a situation thing. I’ve only ever seen her with her hair in a ponytail and wearing scrubs so in my mind that’s just what she’s supposed to look like.

I’m really just hoping she forgets about this by the time I see her in June because I really don’t want that as part of the small talk that happens in the office. So there you go, that’s what happened to me at work. Ever had your own ridiculous events happen like that? Share them in the comments or tweet them at me, @kleffnotes. You can also find me on my kleffnotes YouTube channel and on The Nerdy Girl Express.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



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