Brain Cookies for Your Valentine

Hi Internet People,

This week for my iZombie brainy treat I made some quick and easy brain cookies. If you were on Twitter last night this is the pic you probably saw.


I thought with Valentine’s Day coming up that I would use some of the holiday stuff to my advantage. These are just sugar cookies, I used a bag mix because I have the worst luck with cookies, with red food coloring and red frosting. Seriously I normally burn cookies every time I make them, and not like a minor char, like I seriously turn them into charcoal briquettes. So this is the cookie mix I bought, it was super easy and only involved three ingredients.


Besides the mix you have to add three tablespoons of flour, a melted stick of butter or margarine, and one egg. This is what all of that looks like,


Then you just mix it up until it’s a dough. Now I added the red food coloring after the dough was mixed up, but I really should have added it with the wet ingredients. It would have been way easier to mix in that way. I wound up kneading it in like you would bread dough.


I think it looks sort of like fondant, it felt a bit like it. Now after mixing it all up I pulled out a tray and covered it in aluminum foil and some flour. I didn’t want it to stick to anything. I then rolled it out sort of evenly.


I then grabbed the heart cookie cutter I grabbed from the Valentine’s section at the store and cut out 12 cookies. This involved a lot of rerolling, so be prepared.


Then I put the cookies on aluminum foil lined cookie sheets, I also sprayed them with a little bit of cooking spray.


I baked six cookies at a time, mostly because I wanted to make sure I didn’t burn all the cookies. I put each tray in for five minutes and then let them cool. They baked up pretty big and very pink. Once they cooled I frosted them with frosting in a squeeze tube to get the brainy details.


You can bake these up and share them with your zombie valentine, they’ll definitely enjoy them. You can find more of my iZombie treats on Twitter, @kleffnotes, and I have iZombie videos on my kleffnotes YouTube channel. I also write for The Nerdy Girl Express and we post tons of great stuff.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



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