Brain Cupcakes for You and Your Hoarde

Hi Internet People,

Today’s iZombie themed treat is super, super easy. I decided to make pink cupcakes with cherry filling, which was even easier than anticipated, because I found out pink velvet cake mix exists. So you’ve heard of red velvet, right? It’s chocolate cake that has been dyed red and is normally served with cream cheese icing. Well, pink velvet is vanilla cake that has been dyed pink. When you buy the mix you don’t have to add the dye yourself so it’s way easier to make. Here’s a pic of the finished tasty treat.


Alright so you just need a boxed cake mix, a can of cherry pie filling, and red icing. You can either find the pink velvet mix I did or just buy vanilla and add your own dye.


Now just follow the directions on the box and throw everything it tells you to use into a large bowl and mix.


The pink velvet mix was actually really cool to mix up because it turned from white to pink when you added the wet ingredients. It actually looks a bit brainy before you mix it up.

After it’s all mixed up you’ll need cupcake tins and two tablespoons. First line the cupcake tins with cupcake holders. Is that what they’re called, that’s what I call them, maybe they have a better name. Anyway, once they are lined put one tablespoon down, then get a spoonful of cherry pie filling, put it on top, and then add another scoop of the batter.


My tins are a little banged up, but they still work. I used too much pie filling in mine and it sort of leaked out the sides, but they taste really good so I’m not complaining. Now because I suck at portions my batter only made 12 cupcakes instead of 24, which meant that it took them about thirty minutes to bake instead of just 20. I let them cool and then used a tube of squeezable cooking icing to decorate the cupcakes. I free hand drew some brainy shapes and I’m really pleased with how they turned out, so here’s a pic again.


Then here’s the filling,


If you try this recipe I’d love to see how they turn out. You can tweet me pics, @kleffnotes, or put them in the comments below. You can also find other cool iZombie stuff on my kleffnotes YouTube channel. You can also find amazing things over on The Nerdy Girl Express.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



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