An iZombie Fan Fic Addition

Hi Internet People,

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been writing some iZombie fan fiction on Twitter with @_JonanthanWhite_ and while I was figuring out a new addition I thought why not just do my part on my blog. So here’s a recap for you. Our story started with Blaine angrily yelling at some delivery men who were really not good at their jobs. We then moved to a crime scene with a headless, handless, and footless corpse wearing a leather vest. Now the issue for our favorite zombie is that she can’t exactly get visions from a body without a brain.

Back at the morgue Ravi had a body perfect for snacking, a Sherlock obsessed fangirl with a massive mold allergy. With no leads Liv decided to throw together a brainy tea to get herself ready to investigate. Her first vision on the new brains threw her for a loop when Lowell suddenly appeared, asking to speak to Elizabeth Drake, our dead girl. Ravi and Liv headed out to Words by Watson, the bookstore Elizabeth worked out, and while doing some deductions about the staff Liv had just asked to speak to a manager. Now let’s get back into the story.

“Hi my name is Randall, I was told you’d like to speak to a manager.”

Liv tried to ignore the fact that she could see the redness around his eyes, and that she’d heard the faint wobble in his voice when he said the word manager, but she couldn’t stop herself.

“I’m sure this is a very difficult time for you, especially since it seems like you and Elizabeth must have been very close.”

Randall looked slightly astonished, but shakily recovered with an awkward chuckle,

“You must be one of Eddie’s friends, the deductions always catch me off guard. You’d think I’d be used to it by now. It’s the eyes right, I knew they looked a bit bloodshot. The staff won’t say anything about it, now that I’m manager they are too worried to say much of anything. I mean it’s not their fault, Eddie’s family owns the building and are the reason she runs, umm, I mean ran, this bookstore. With her gone, they are afraid they’ll be on the chopping block. So weird that you called her Elizabeth though, she always told people to call her Eddie. She said only her family called her Elizabeth and hearing it always made her think she was in trouble. Oh my gosh, I’m sorry, I’m a nervous talker, Eddie used to kid me about that all the time. She said I’d make a terrible criminal because I’d just tell everyone everything I did.”

“So you’re pretty much an open book then,” Ravi  said, which Liv answered with an audible sigh.

Randall laughed, he seemed to relax ever so slightly. With his nerves seeming to be less frayed Liv pressed ever so slightly.

“I’d never met Eliz…um, Eddie in person, we only talked on fan forums, but I heard what had happened to her through the grapevine and thought I should come by and pay my respects. I just can’t believe something like that could actually happen. I came to see if there was anything that I could do or if anything was planned for her.”

“Oh yeah, tomorrow night, we’re hosting a special detective night. We’ll honor Eddie with readings from some of her favorite Sherlock stories, a candle lighting, and I know that her Sherlock and Scones group is bringing baked goods to share. It’ll be the kind of event Eddie would have loved. You should definitely come, oh and wear your best detective attire because there’s totally going to be a costume contest with…”

Before Randall could say any more Liv’s phone began to buzz loudly, as she apologized profusely for interrupting him when she saw the name on the caller id she muttered,

“Bloody hell it’s Clive.”

What do you think? If you want to read more you can check out my additions on Twitter, @kleffnotes, or find my article about the fan fiction on The Nerdy Girl Express. You can also find some more awesome iZombie stuff on my kleffnotes YouTube Channel.



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