Blogging with Benny: Skelfie Time

Hi Internet People,

It’s been a long time since a Blogging with Benny and since I’d been sucking at taking photos of everybody’s favorite skeleton he decided to take it upon himself to make sure there were pics this week. I present to you Benny’s skelfies!

This first one is just a traditional selfie style skelfie with Benny cheesing it up for the camera.


This second one he calls Hats On (These titles aren’t great you guys, but hey he’s dead, it happens)


Third skelfie of the bunch is The Shade, Oh the Shade! Also somehow my phone, which Benny borrowed, randomly added purple filters. No clue, I don’t ask questions of the technology because if I do I fear they’ll see that as weakness and assume they can destroy me first in the robot apocalypse. Jokes, these are the jokes, which I would cue laugh tracks for, but hey we’re on a budget.


This final skelfie is Two Heads are Better Than One, with a special appearance from Ed, who happens to be a head.


Any suggestions for what you’d like to see Benny doing in Blogging with Benny posts? You can comment below or tweet me, @kleffnotes. You can also find him in some of my videos on my kleffnotes YouTube channel. I’m hosting a huge Funko giveaway that you should definitely check out there. You should also check out all the amazing articles over on The Nerdy Girl Express.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



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