Ugh, No iZombie Again

Hi Internet People,

Seriously another week without a new episode of iZombie and I am dealing with some serious withdrawal issues. I haven’t made brains in weeks, though I have recipes ready and raring to go. I’ve watched the trailer for the episode showing next week so many times and I just want to watch it so bad. Seriously erotica Liv looks like she is going to be so great to watch and I just want to be able to. Sigh, why must we have so many hiatuses!

Okay now that I’ve done all my kvetching about not having a new iZombie episode there is something that I have found that is really fun and is helping with the lack of new episodes. Over on Twitter @_JonathanWhite_ and @iZombieObsessed are hosting an iZombie fan fiction thing. Anyone on Twitter can join in. All you have to do is find the tweets with the hashtag #iZombieFanFiction and start adding your own ideas to it. If you want to catch up with what has already happened quickly I wrote an article with all the stuff we’ve written so far for The Nerdy Girl Express, Of Course You Need More iZombie in Your Life.

I’m planning on adding more to it tomorrow, but I would love to see what you all want to add. We have a headless murder victim, a dead Sherlock Holmes fan, and Liv just had tea time in the morgue. To add your stuff you just need to write something, either in a tweet or screen shot stuff you write somewhere else, that’s what I did because I wrote too much, and then put #iZombieFanFiction, #iZombieObsessed, and #iZombie in the tweet. You can also add @iZombieObsessed and @_JonathanWhite_ if you want, though I’m sure they will still find your additions.

Just one week more until new episodes brainies, we can do it!

You can find me on Twitter, @kleffnotes, if you want to find my additions. I’m also running a contest through my YouTube channel and Twitter so if you like free Funko stuff you should totally check it out.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



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