Katherine in the Heights

Hi Internet People,

I thought I would share a kind of embarrassing story today because Mondays always seem like the perfect day for embarrassing stories to me. When I was in middle school I went with my Girl Scout troop to this ropes course. The entire thing was like 15, 20 feet from the ground, honestly don’t remember which height exactly, but it was somewhere in there.

To go up you had to wear a helmet and a harness. The harness hooked onto support wires along the ropes course so you totally couldn’t fall off, well mostly. There were points in the course where you had to unhook and then immediately rehook yourself while standing on these little lookout point things. Now I promise I didn’t fall off because that would make this more of a Katherine almost died story instead of an embarrassing story. I had done okay most of the way through the ropes course until I got stuck having to walk across the tightrope portion.

Again, I was hooked onto a line so I couldn’t fall so technically this should have been easy, but it totally wasn’t. When I got hooked onto the support line I managed to snag the rope I was supposed to hold onto while walking across it, which meant I actually had to do a sideways tightrope walk, with a support that I actually couldn’t hold on to. The ropes course people kept saying I just had to keep walking, but I kept falling backward. I would then have to swing myself back to the little tightrope by grabbing at the rope caught in my harness. Every time I fell backward I got more and more nervous, even though I knew I wasn’t going to fall to the ground.

Now for some reason I’ve never understood at all, my right leg started shaking. Not like a little jiggle, nope, my leg was like Thumper levels of ridiculous movement. I couldn’t get it to stop, which meant that walking on a tiny tightrope was becoming impossible. I eventually made it to the end of that section and with my leg going insane I got onto the zipline that meant I could get off of the course. When I made it to the step down ladder the woman at the end tried to stop my leg from shaking by holding it. Instead of stopping it, my leg caused this woman’s arms to shake and she actually had a hard time trying to keep control of it. I eventually made it down the ladder to the ground and my leg was still really twitchy.

My leg has literally never done that ever again since the ropes course. I don’t even know how it was shaking so badly, but I’m totally never doing another ropes course again. Has any crazy stuff happened to you like that? If so you can totally share it with me in the comments or on Twitter, @kleffnotes. I posted a new video on my YouTube channel recently and you should totally check it out if you like free stuff. You can also find awesome articles on The Nerdy Girl Express.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



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