Little Kid Katherine Stories

Hi Internet People,

I thought that I would share some embarrassing little kid Katherine stories since I haven’t shared any embarrassing stories with you guys recently. I thought long and hard and found two that I thought would do nicely to get you through your Monday.

The first story takes place when I was about three, going on four years old. I was in preschool and one part of preschool involved practicing your handwriting and your ability to write out your full name. Well for the day’s activity we had to write our first, middle, and last name on a crown that we got to wear for the rest of the day. We had a paper with our name written on it and we had to copy that onto the crown. Most kids were super excited and had it done in what felt like no time at all. I though sat getting progressively angrier as I stumbled through writing out my name. You see most kids in my class had short names like Ann or Rachel, but I had Katherine, which is 9 letters. Besides that my middle name is also 9 letters and my last name is 8. I was stuck writing 26 letters, which I was irate to realize was the exact same amount in the entire alphabet. I eventually finished, but when my mom picked me up I announced loudly that my name was too long and I hated writing it. Now I didn’t hate my name, just the length of it. I still complain about the length of my name sometimes, especially when I have to fill out paperwork. My mom brings up this story whenever she sees my signature, which totally looks like a bunch of squiggles because who wants to write out all of those letters.

The second story for you involves a very upset little Katherine attempting to make it on her own, sort of. I honestly don’t remember why I was upset, but when I was about the age I was when I got annoyed about my name, I announced I was running away. I know I was crying and that something led me to want to leave the house, even if I don’t remember the details. I grabbed my little floral print suitcase and threw in books a sweater and some shirts, because apparently I wasn’t going to need anything besides those things. I grabbed my suitcase and actually left the house and began walking down the sidewalk. I lived in a pretty quiet neighborhood full of mostly retirees and married couples with young kids. I made it to my neighbor’s driveway when my dad stuck his head out our front door and asked where I was going. I insisted  I was running away, but didn’t know where. I kept walking a few feet, but my dad yelled back that if I didn’t know where I was going I should come home. I turned around and headed back and unpacked my little suitcase. I’m pretty sure I got in trouble for leaving the house alone, but still have no idea where I thought I could walk to by myself at like three years old.

Maybe not super embarrassing stories, but I thought they were fun little random things for your Monday. I’m going to get to working on videos for my YouTube channel this week when I finally get a day off. I got some great ideas from Twitter and I have a couple other ideas I’m kicking around. I also have some articles going up on The Nerdy Girl Express. If you have any ideas for posts or videos you can comment below or tweet at me, @kleffnotes.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



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