I Blame Nathan Lane For My Lack of Snow

Hi Internet People.

Dang it Nathan Lane we aren’t getting snow this Christmas and it’s all your fault! Okay, I know it isn’t, but this strange nonsensical outburst is actually connected to something that happened when I was a little kid. Get comfy because it’s story time!

First a little bit of background so that you understand my lack of snow irritation. I live in Ohio which means that I am used to the types of winters that they sing about in Christmas songs, lots of snow and freezing cold. Last year I actually had to wear leggings under all of my pants and long sleeves under sweaters, with gloves, a hat, a scarf, and a wool coat just to get to work from my apartment. While having to scale snowbanks isn’t particularly fun, having snow around makes everything seem Christmasy to me. This year we are having the weirdest weather and it’s been unseasonably warm on and off with almost no precipitation at all. The only snow I’ve seen has been in people’s pics on Twitter and one of those was Dollar Tree instant snow in a can, which I totally need to buy just because it’s snow in a can.

Now with all of that knowledge let’s jump in the way back machine to a time when I was young and confused about how weather worked. In the winter of 1997 my parents decided to watch the movie The Birdcage starring Nathan Lane and Robin Williams. I remember watching parts of the movie with them, though not in detail. I just remember it being sunny and bright, I had to look it up and the movie is set in Miami so now I understand why it was so tropical looking. Well after they watched the movie on Christmas day, I’m pretty sure they bought it as a Christmas gift for themselves, I remember staring out the window and being irate that there was no snow. It hadn’t snowed that entire week, but somehow seeing bright green outside drove me crazy on Christmas. Because there was no snow in the movie I blamed The Birdcage for making my winter weather so summery. Now every time it looks like we’ll have a green Christmas I think of that movie and my little kid rage toward it. Maybe I’ll actually watch it this year since no matter what I do it’s going to be a green Christmas in Ohio. For the record I really enjoy Robin Williams and Nathan Lane in other movies, even used to watch Mousetrap and Aladdin all the time as a kid even though I knew they were both in The Birdcage. If you want to share your own Christmas stories with me you can comment below or tweet at me, @kleffnotes.

Want to enjoy some other random Christmas stuff? I have some Christmas songs posted on my YouTube channel. You can also find some cool stuff on The Nerdy Girl Express.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



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