Shopping Take Two

Hi Internet People,

So yesterday I thought I was going to go to the mall, but the schedule didn’t work out as planned. Today I am heading back out to join the Christmas shopping hoard so that I can find the rest of the gifts I need. Besides the mall I’ll be stopping at the comic book store, they have awesome stuff and some of the comics I read might have come out recently. I always forget the official release day for them I just sort of guess. Yep, really on top of things over here.

I still am hoping to find Funko stuff at the mall. I have tons of coupons in my purse in preparation for my shopping. Hopefully they have all the things that I’m looking for. I need to figure out the perfect gift for a friend of mine. I’ve been looking, but I haven’t settled on exactly the right things. For the last couple of years I have been buying gifts online and this year I didn’t do that. It’s thrown off my gifting game.

I have another Christmas song up today, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to find unboxing stuff while shopping today and then I can film some other videos to post. Until then it’s a Christmas-palooza over on my YouTube channel. Oh I totally need to take a picture of the glasses we got at work. We tried some of them on today. The Batman ones are awesome, I’ll try and take some tomorrow before I leave for the night.

Since it’s been a random week of updates I thought I’d share a random story with you guys to make your read worthwhile. When I was in fifth grade I went ice skating for the first time at a Girl Scout event. I was having a blast until we played this game of tag. In the game if you got tagged you had to sit on the ice, well being remarkably good at feats of athletics I got tagged within the first couple of minutes and had to sit down. While I’d been skating just fine when I tried to sit I fell backwards and tried to catch myself. That totally didn’t work and I wound up falling on my back with my left arm behind me. It looked fine, but it hurt really badly. My mom and everyone there thought I just tweaked my muscle. I iced my arm and in the morning when I tried to shower I couldn’t raise my arm to wash my hair. I still went to school, but around lunch my mom took me to the doctor. He thought it was a sprain, but sent me to get x-rays just in case. The woman at the x-ray office said that if my arm was broken they would send me immediately back to the doctor. We waited around for the pictures to develop and the technician came out with an envelope. She then very clearly said, “please go back to your doctor’s office right now.” My mom freaked out and when I got back to the doctor it turned out I had broken my humerus. It was a really minor fracture, but I had to wear a sling for a few weeks until it healed. Thankfully it was my left arm and not my right. At the time though I was really mad that I didn’t get a cast people could sign.

If you want to see more of my stuff you can check out my YouTube channel and find some really cool articles on The Nerdy Girl Express.You can also tweet at me, @kleffnotes, if you want to share any of your own random stories.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



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