V Morgan Is Dead Is Awesome!

Hi Internet People,

Okay, I tried to come up with a snappier title, but it just wasn’t happening. On November 5th one of my favorite YouTube channels, Vervegirl TV, uploaded the first three episodes of the new web series V Morgan is Dead. I had watched the trailer and was really intrigued. V looked awesome, her tattoos are gorgeous, heck she’s gorgeous, and the idea of death as a brand new start reminded me of one of my favorite shows, Dead Like Me.

I did watch the episodes on the 5th, but not until pretty late and I thought I would save my reaction post until today. You definitely can’t just watch the first episode. The introduction to the series spans the first three episodes and when you watch them the way that the start of the first episode is repeated in the ending of the third episode emphasizes this fact. Watching the three episodes will take you maybe ten minutes, but here’s a quick and dirty recap if you want some details before you start watching.

V collapses at work and we see her suddenly being transported in an elevator, still in the same position she was when she collapsed on the floor. A man informs her that she is on the sixth floor and that they know all about her. It turns out that V has died, but that they want to make her a deal. She can return to her life like nothing happened as long as she agrees to become a fixer. The characters that you meet, besides V, are interesting and I’m looking forward to learning more about them and how they got to the sixth floor.

I have a feeling I’m going to really like this show, primarily because I’ve loved every show that Vervegirl TV has presented. I know I’ve mentioned Carmilla before on here, but I also love MsLabelled, which just started it’s second season. This channel is a great place to see amazing female characters. They also have some great hosts. I was excited to see Sachie, who I remembered as a cosplay vlogger on Geek and Sundry, added to the Vervegirl TV team.

If you are looking for some amazing shows to watch on YouTube you should definitely check them out at this link, Vervegirl TV. You can also check me out on YouTube, kleffnotes just like here.

If you have web series you think I should check out you can let me know in the comments or on Twitter, @kleffnotes. You can also find me on The Nerdy Girl Express.

Talk to ya tomorrow,



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