It’s a Busy Busy Day

Hi Internet People,

Today’s post is more of an update than an actual post. I did write an article about some of the Hellraiser movies over at The Nerdy Girl Express that mentions that the internet thinks I’m Pinhead. I do have a lot of ear piercings, but I lack the leather and the accent. I’m working at #magicalmysteryvideostore today, but as soon as I get off work I’m going to get my binge on with Erica, @quietlikeastorm, and Jonathan White, @_JonathanWhite_. We’ll all be live tweeting and you can totally take part if you want to.

The third and final season of Hemlock Grove dropped on Friday, but we all had too much going on to binge it yesterday. We are starting at 5 and going until about 10 pm est. I’m super excited for this new season! I was already excited, but on Thursday night the Hemlock Grove Twitter account tweeted at the three of us about how excited we were which totally set me to 11. I also saw some crazy tweets from people who were live tweeting it on release day. I wish I had my Peter costume together, but this month has been way busier than I anticipated and I’m severely lacking on the costume front. I might try and throw something together though.

Besides work and Hemlock Grove I am going to be up to some more Periscope shenanigans. The reason we are stopping at around 10 pm est is that I will be going live at that time on Periscope with a horror themed night. I went to my comic book store on Friday and was elated to find they had the Funko Pop Horror Blind Boxes. The boxes hold mini figures and even though I wanted to buy all of them, I restrained myself and just bought 4. I’ll be opening them during the Periscope and I’ll probably throw in some stupid Katherine tricks for good measure.

I know not everyone has a Periscope so I have made a plan that hopefully works out. I am going to run the Periscope through my phone and also record what I’m doing on my laptop. I’m going to set up a YouTube channel and then once the Periscope replay has been deleted, they disappear after 24 hours, I’ll post my version of the video to my YouTube channel. I haven’t set up the channel yet, but I will either tonight or Sunday. Hopefully this all works out, I have high hopes.

I would love it if you could watch my Periscope at 10 pm est, I’m @kleffnotes there like I am on Twitter. If you want to share your weekend plans or chat about anything going on with you please comment below or tweet at me, @kleffnotes. Oh, and The Nerdy Girl Express is hosting a giveaway that you should totally check out on our twitter, @thenerdygirlexp.

Remember, don’t play with puzzle boxes,



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