Blogging with Benny: Bowling for Bones

Hi Internet People,

This week Benny and I went out on a hot date. I’m totally kidding, Benny and I are both very single. Mostly because I’m not his type at all. He prefers the kinds of girls in Gray’s Anatomy. Wait, not the tv show, like the actual anatomical text. Though now that I think about it there have been some extra shows filling up the dvr recently, Benny and I might need to have a chat. Back to the night out we had. I got invited to go bowling with some friends and they told me I could bring a plus one, so I packed up Benny and we headed out.


I told him he looked a little creepy in the light, but he insisted he was going for an artistically vintage look. When we got to the bowling alley before I could introduce him to everybody he insisted on changing into a shirt he had picked out just for the occasion.


He insisted I take a pic of the front and the back, though I had to crop the front a bit since there were people milling about in the background. After I took pics of his bowling night outfit he became a bit of a flirt and got some of the girls to pose with him.


I finally dragged Mr. Sexy Bones away from the ladies long enough to pick out a ball.


The only problem was that we couldn’t really find a ball with finger holes small enough for him. I suggested bowling granny style, that’s where you throw the ball with both hands, but Benny was having none of it. He even looked a bit shocked that I would suggest such a thing.


I did a bit of chatting and socializing while Benny got himself comfortable at a table and snapped this shot of him watching some of the bowlers in action.


Neither of us really did much bowling, but it was fun hanging out with people. After a while I noticed Benny starting to get a little tired, and even though he insisted he was still down to party, this is how I found him before we called it a night.


My very sleepy skeleton and I headed back home and put our equally bone tired selves to bed a bit early. I’m not sure what Benny and I will be up to next week, but there will be pictures of whatever we do next Sunday.

Remember, you’re never alone when you’ve got your skeleton,



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