It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year…For Fear

Hi Internet People,

IT’S FINALLY OCTOBER!! I have been impatiently waiting for this day to come all year! It’s now officially time for goblins and ghouls, tricks and treats, and costumes and decorations. Well, okay any time of year can have all of those things, but right now is when most of the rest of the society is okay with my macabre sense of decor and I have an excuse to wear a costume whenever I want. Based on all the ideas and suggestions I’ve had for costumes I really might need the entire month to do all of them. Friday I’m already planning a bit of a casual costume to wear on my day off. I’m going to get creative and try and sneak costumey bits into my work outfits so I can enjoy the season of screams every day. I plan on tweeting out pics of my outfits and costumes whenever I wear them. I’m thinking I could do a weekly photo post of things in case you don’t follow me on Twitter.

I decided to start my October with a late night watch of The Addams Family. I would have double featured with Addams Family Values, but it’s disappeared from Netflix Streaming again. I may have done some impulse Amazon shopping after finding this out. You can get both movies in a set for $5 on Amazon right now so if you are looking to add some Addams so your movie collection now might be a really good time. When I was a kid I thought it would be so cool to be part of the Addams Family. In all honest if I could find a way to be part of that family now I would still totally do it. I’d even be willing to act as a maid or nanny as long as it meant I could live in that fabulously spooky house. I would watch the movies whenever they were on tv and on Saturdays I remember watching The Addams Family cartoon show. Did anyone else watch that? I loved it! That and the Beetlejuice cartoon, which I know I’ve mentioned before.

I have always loved Morticia and Gomez’s relationship. She always seemed to be the one running the household and making sure everyone was taken care of. Whether it meant speaking French to Gomez or ensuring that Wednesday and Pugsley had the appropriate weaponry for games of French Revolution. While Wednesday is diabolical and wonderfully evil, Morticia has an air to her that I wish I could imitate. One of these days I’ll try and go as her for Halloween, but I think it’d would be much more fun with a Gomez.

If you want more of me to read I also have a post up about this week’s episode of Scream Queens on Nerdy and Worthy that you can check out. I’m currently planning a big night out with Benny so be on the lookout for some fun skeleton pics.

Remember, Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc,



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